Community Service
Director - Marcy Santel
It simply would be impossible to list all the things the McMurray Rotary has done for our community through our decades of service.  Some examples, though, are:
  1. Built a shelter and restroom facility at Elm Grove Park
  2. Provided the clock tower at the township building
  3. Provide dictionaries to every third grader, every year with Spelling Bees at the end of the year
  4. Built a ramp sidewalk to enable a disabled child to get to and from his school bus
  5. Participate in Habitat for Humanity
  6. Provide two college scholarships each year to graduating high school students
  7. Cleanup part of East McMurray Road each Earth Day
  8. Provided a commercial grade dishwasher for our Food Pantry
  9. Annually donate tens of thousands of dollars to local charities
  10. Support Operation Safety Net to provide winter clothing for the homeless
  11. Provide ongoing funding for the international ShelterBox program aiding disaster victims