Fellow Rotarians, 
For a successful gala, we need
  • auction items- can be given to Nancy Lee, Nancy K, or Sandra
  • sponsorships- we roughly 55% to our goal
  • wine donations- can be given to Colleen, Marcy, or Woody. Ideally 3 bottles per member
  • ticket sales- use link below. Please plan to sell at least 6 tickets per member- share the link with friends, neighbors, or via social media. Many members have asked about table assignments. Please send requests to katewcole@gmail.com
You are welcome to purchase online via the button below or pay with cash/check to McMurray Rotary. A summary of events, the fundraising goal, and available sponsorships can also be found in this email.
Today's Speaker
Our speaker today was Conrad-with his mother, Nicole and Grandma Ingrid- sharing about his recent transplant. 


Russell Hampton