Business of the Year Awards
Vocational Service is one of the Five Avenues of Service of Rotary International.  To acknowledge this service avenue the McMurray Rotary has established an annual Vocational Awards competition for businesses in our community who not only provide outstanding services in their field, but also are good business 'citizens'.  We ask the community to assist in this process by nominating businesses they believe embody the Rotary motto of "Service Above Self".
All members of our community are welcomed and encouraged to nominate a business for the McMurray Rotary's Business of the Year competition.  The criteria are that the business not only performs exemplary service in its field, but, more importantly, actively gives back to our community.  We are looking to recognize businesses that operate under the tenants of the Rotary Four Way Test, and that work to make our community a better place for all our citizens!
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An awardee will be chosen in each of six categories and one of those will then be recognized as the overall Business of the Year.  The categories, with examples of the types of businesses appropriate to each are:
• Aging services, such as:
-          Assisted living 
-          Home health care 
-          Nursing home 
-          Retirement community 
-          Funeral/burial services 
• Dining and drink services, such as:
-          Restaurants/bars 
-          Beverage/food services 
-          Pizza parlors 
• Health services, such as:
-          Health care 
-          Physicians 
-          Physical therapy 
-          Chiropractor 
-          Vision care 
-          Dentist/orthodontist 
-          Massage therapy 
-          Health clubs 
-          Counseling 
-          Child care  
• Home services, such as:
-          Real Estate 
-          Property management 
-          Remodeling 
-          Air/heating/electric/plumbing 
-          Landscaping/lawn/garden 
-          Construction 
-          Contractors 
• Professional services, such as: 
-          Insurance 
-          Financial Services 
-          Legal Services 
-          Accounting/tax preparation 
-          Employment services
-          Advertising/marketing/publishing 
-          Education 
-          Engineering 
• Sales and other services, such as:
-          Retail sales 
-          Automotive sales/repair/products/detailing 
-          Beauty salons 
-          Computer/Internet services 
-          Pet Services 
-          Printing/signs 
-          Golf courses/golf products
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