Welcome to the McMurray Rotary website!

When I attended my first Rotary meeting in August of 2016, the last thing on my mind was becoming president of this club. Yet, here I am, two years later leading this group of Rotarians. I hear that meaningful experiences occur when you’re out of your comfort zone; and, that’s exactly where I am today. I’m learning as I go, and one thing I can tell you is that I’m getting great help from several members, and this makes the job easier. In the last six months, I have learned more about ‘who’ Rotary is and ‘what’ Rotary means on a local, club level, district level, and global level. How Rotary is helping eradicate polio in the world, helping women and children in poverty-ridden countries, providing clean water where none exists, and how our local club fits into this global organization and how we are helping on every level.

Ok, so where are we going? To maintain our level of philanthropic giving, we have two annual fundraisers & raffles throughout the year. We also have service projects, pop-up projects, and many other opportunities to serve our locality & region. When we feel we have finished a charitable project, another situation always comes into view for our group. We will be very busy this year, so we need every active member and new member to find their niche and contribute in whatever way they can. The McMurray Rotary Club is a group of benevolent people giving back to their community, region and the world.

Be the Inspiration!

President Woody Lutz

McMurray Rotary