For the 2019-2020 Rotary Year, I have set three goals for our club. 


Grow Together

If we are going to remain a healthy service club, we need to grow membership. My goal for the club is to grow membership by a net 5.  That means when I report to you a year from today I want to be able to report that we have an active membership of 40 or more. And we must not only grow in numbers but we need to grow in diversity that being race, gender, and vocation. I have asked Greg Incardona to lead our club as our new membership committee head.  Greg is the perfect choice because he has a heart of gold, rarely misses a meeting, knows the history of Rotary and knows what makes a good Rotarian.  When we have prospective members come to the meetings let’s make a big deal about their visit because it is a big deal.  In the future, we plan to not only introduce the guest but we hope the host will give a little introduction about their guest.   When we have potential members visit, Greg will be soliciting active members to say a few words about their experience with Rotary and why they joined.  Let’s help Greg run out of informational packets while breaking the budget on new member badges and certificates.

Serve Together

We are a service club  Last year we had 19 service projects.  In addition to service, we raise and give over $35,000 to causes from the LeMoyne Center to Polio and for the 1st time in a very long time we are going to celebrate the philanthropies that we support by having a Philanthropy Evening where all will have a chance to display their cause and also a few minutes to talk to the guests in attendance.  Scott Lammers has graciously stepped up to chair this event.  Scott and his wife Sherry will be “All In” for this event and we hope not only to have our charities as well as pop up charities that we help throughout the year but I also see this event as a social or a mixer so to speak for potential new members, sponsors and ourselves.  So those of you, whom champion certain causes or know potential or past sponsors that would like to come, please help Scott to get the word out to attend on this heavy appetizers and cocktails on October 16th at Lindenwood Golf Club. 

Stay Together

We need to have a club that we enjoy coming to.  To help us find out what each of us wants in a club, a membership satisfaction survey will be arriving in your inbox.  Please take the time to fill those out.  We need to set a direction for our club and those questions will help us in guiding the board to make prudent decisions.  

By having most of our philanthropies come together for an evening instead of attending our regular lunch meetings, our meetings we can host programs that can be interesting: be that we can learn something or perhaps just be entertained. Many years ago, it was customary to set aside some meeting programs for a member to talk about whatever he or she wanted to talk about whether it was personal or informational.  My goal is to have at least 6 different members lead a program over the next year.   Jim Mortimer has agreed to continue that of our program chair and it is my and Jim’s hopes are that by having more diverse programs it may help to bring new potential members and perhaps keep existing members.  

There are several committees and teams that each of us can help with.  And these various committees and teams are not meant to be a burden or extra work but are there for us to get to know one another and to make some good memories while doing something meaningful for our communities.

And last but not least, let’s enjoy some social events outside Atria’s like a picnic at a member’s home or at the park? Anyone up for a ropes course at North Park, a bike ride from Ohio Pyle to Confluence or get a group and go to a concert or a show?

In closing, I would like to thank all of you for your support, for the spouses and friends for supporting Rotary in your way.  It’s been said that if you want something accomplished, find the busiest person in the room and there are certainly a lot of giving and busy people in this club. I wish to thank my wife Barb for putting up with me while I do this and thank my mom for her support of me and, of course, Rotary since my dad was a charter member of this very club in 1965.  A big thank you from all of us to Past President Woody Lutz for a great year and Woody promised me he will not ride off into the sunset.


I will close all meetings with the 4-way test:






David Wylie

President, McMurray Rotary Club 2019-2020