Club Philanthropies
The McMurray Rotary Club has donated over a million dollars in philanthropies since our Club's founding.  We have provided funding to a broad array of local, regional, national and international charitable organizations, with the bulk of our giving concentrated on Peters Township and the surrounding area.  Each year our Board allocates an amount for our annual giving and our Philanthropy Committee reviews charitable requests and determines how to apportion the funds.  Additionally, our Club responds to numerous special needs that occur during the course of the year.
Most contributions range between $500 - $1,500.  Interested groups should send a request on organization letterhead describing the need to be met and the amount requested to:
McMurray Rotary Club
Philanthropy Committee
PO Box 1291
McMurray, PA 15317
A meeting of our Philanthropy Committee is held late each January to determine how our available funds will be apportioned to the many requesting organizations. 
**  All requests must be received by early January of each year!  **