The World Affairs Insititute is presented by the World Affairs Council (WAC) every November at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. Our Club sponsors two students and a chaperone to attend this daylong seminar and workshop.
The attendee selector is Mr. David Clagett, a Social Studies PTHS teacher. The two students are chosen to attend the conference based on what the year’s topic will be. In the past the topics have been China’s Emerging Economic Impact on the World, Growth of Business in India, etc.
In the morning there are several well know experts speaking and in the afternoon they break the students into work groups to discuss and work through a problem that is posed by one of the speakers. Each group is given something different to work on whether it is a different question all together or just the opposite side of the same question. Each group then picks a presenter and they deliver their group's presentation.
The students and the chaperone then visit our Club, usually in February of the following year to be our program. They tell us what the speakers had to say, what their take on it was, what their projects were and how they thought differently about the subject than they did before the conference. As an added bonus Mark Radilla has used many of the things learned at previous WAC conferences, along with materials he has picked up, in his classroom.  
The 2012 Conference was held on Tuesday, November 13th and the topic was “Understanding the Global Economic Meltdown: What Does This Crisis Mean for You?”.  The two PTHS students that attended are Jeff Bergman and Bryan Hall.