One in eighty-eight people are now diagnosed with autism, and that number is growing at an alarming rate!  Our Interact Club is making people more aware of autism and its effects on families and communities by sponsoring our Second Annual Walk and Sale for Autism Awareness, Saturday, April 27th. Club members have created fabric-covered pots, fleece scarves, and t-shirts to raise funds to benefit the PTSD autism programs and Autism Speaks, which are being sold through the event date.
In 2012, the Interact Club held its first annual Walk for Autism. Throughout the whole month of April, we "lit it up blue" (the color for autism) by not only decorating the hallways with signs and puzzle pieces, but also selling autism awareness merchandise outside the cafeteria. This lead up to the walk held at the end of April. At the actual walk we continued to sell merchandise, and also had a bake sale and gift baskets. By the end of the project, we had raised about $4,000, all going to the Autism Speaks organization.